Winchester Growers - About us

Established in 1995, Winchester Growers are the UK’s leading grower/packers of daffodil bulbs and flowers. We also grow many different types of lily and seasonal cut flower’s which we use to produce stunning mixed bouquets and mono flower bunches. Sales are currently approaching £40 million per annum with customers ranging from major UK high street multiples to horticultural wholesalers. We are also one of the few UK flower growers to export our products to Europe and the USA.

Winchester Growers are known within the Industry for:

  Specialist growing and post harvest knowledge of bulb and summer flower crops.
  A complete supply chain from bulb to the delivered cut flower.
  The creation of ranges specific to customer needs.
  Our global sourcing network for cut flowers, packaging and containers.
  All year round supply and capacity for seasonal peaks.
  A reputation for quality.
  Technical innovation.
  Environmental awareness.

The Company operates from three sites in the UK.

The principle site is located just outside Lincoln at Nocton Estate. Protected crops are also grown and packed here along with the majority of our field grown flowers.

The second site is at Pinchbeck near Spalding in Lincolnshire. This is the head office address as well as the Company's main site for growing protected flower crops such as tulips and lilies and also the primary packing facility for a wide range of flowers and added value arrangements.

The third site is close to Penzance in Cornwall, operations here relate to the growing, packing and distribution of daffodil bulbs and flowers.