Winchester Growers Ltd | The UK's Largest Grower of Daffodil Flowers


We are the UK and World's leading grower and packer of daffodils and daffodil bulbs. As a grower we are able to manage the whole length of the supply chain directly from the field to our customer's shelves. We pride ourselves in the quality of our daffodils and the service we provide to our customers.

The National Dahlia Collection is part of Winchester Growers, based at Varfell Farm, Penzance. The Collection consists of over 1600 named species and cultivars and is the only Collection of Dahlia’s registered with Plant Heritage. We supply rooted cuttings of the Dahlia varieties in the late spring of each year. The order book is open from July to until the following March. We start taking cuttings, to order, in January and send then out to customers from mid-April and throughout May. Cuttings planted in June will flower that season and form tubers to over winter to the following year

Modern Slavery Document (PDF).